Five Easy Ways to Save Money for Your Next Big Purchase

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  We’re all victims of the frivolous shopping. There’s always a new trend we “must try”, a vacation we “totally deserve” and that trashy magazine we can’t put down while waiting in line. I know…I know, I have the same urges. However, I’ve learned to cut back a few place where I can pick up the latest trend from Zara without any guilt. Instead of giving five places to spend your money, I wanted to share with you five easy ways to save your money for your next big purchase. That can be a big shopping spree, vacation or just a cush savings accounts. I’m currently saving up for a MacBook, LULULEMON workout clothes and a set of BOBBI BROWN makeup brushes.
1. Goodbye Manis/Pedis –  try and calculate how much money you spend on mani and pedis a month, now a year…try three years. Let’s say you spend $30 (not including tip) every two weeks. We’re spending $720 a year on getting our nails done!?! I’d rather do my own nails and buy a pair of DESIGNER heels.
2.  The Envelop System – some of you probably know this method. The envelope system is one of the easiest ways to save money. My best friend, Sara, taught me this method. She’s one of the biggest savers I know! You dedicate one envelope for everything; from vacations, clothing, gifts, etc. To give you an example, I have three envelopes I’m using right now. One for my MacBook, one for my clothes and one for workout clothes.
3. No more Starbucks – there’s a reason Starbucks is a multimillion dollar company. They’re taking our milk money! How often do we go by Starbucks and get a cappuccino or a double frappuccino mocha? A lot. These little trips to Starbucks or any coffee shop can eventually add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars.
4. Save your $5 Bills – it’s as easy as it sounds. The next time you come across a $5 bill in your wallet, set it aside. When you get home either put it in an envelop or find a cute PIGGY BANK to collect this cash. We’ve all saved the change from our pockets, to later on in the year go to count the money and be disappointed to only have saved $35 in quarters. With $5 bills, you’ll exceed that $35 in just a few weeks.
5. Sell Clothes, Shoes & Handbags – if you haven’t worn something in a year, it’s probably time for you two to go your separate ways. Look in your closet. How many trendy tops and dresses do you have hanging up just collecting dust? More than we’d like to admit. Sell those things! Let someone else enjoy that Michael Kors purse you never wear or those Zara heels that barely fit. Find a local consignment shop or check out online consignment shops, like POSHMARK and THREADFLIP, to sell those unused items in your closet.

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