5 Work Blouses from Express under $30

5 Versitle Work Blouses under $30

This time of the year is the best time to stock up on great pieces for your work wardrobe. A blouse under $30 that you’ll wear over 30 times to works, is a great buy in my book. Express has always made great work blouses. Throughout the years they’ve stuck with what works, simplicity. I own one black Portofino blouse and I wear it at least once a week to work (see here, here, here & here). On Monday morning when I don’t feel like being creative with my wardrobe, I grab this blouse and a pencil skirt and I’m out the door. Here’s why I love this blouse; it doesn’t wrinkle, never fades, the v-neck collar, converts from long sleeve to 3/4 sleeve and most importantly, the fit of the blouse. The material and over design of the blouse is very flattering to a woman’s curves. The traditional cotton oxford shirts doesn’t work well with my body, it always seems to pull at the bust. With this blouse, I never have this problem.
At the office I try and mix colors into my outfit as much as possible. I think this is easily accomplished with solid colors. For example, if I’m wearing a cherry red pencil skirt, mixing it with a nude or grey blouse (like shown above) is great look for the office. Or vice versa. If I’m wearing a bright green top, I stick with solid color pants. You can add black trousers, pinstriped pencil skirt or grey slacks. To keep it simple, I usually grab one color item and one neutral item. Seems simple enough, but most women opt for black and grey at the office.
Back to the Portofino blouse, it’s amazing. If you don’t own one, I highly recommend adding one to your wardrobe. Today they’re having a pre-black Friday sale. I think I’m going to pick up a few, look forward to posting outfits with the new blouse!

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