engagement day!

Strolling along the streets of NY with my cupcakes!
Loved this nail polish! Made me look tan

Our new church
Can you see our balcony where it all happened???
 Hi everyone! I promised to post pictures, so here’s what I got.  Last week on June 13th around 9am, the love of my life and best friend asked me to marry him.  I’ve never ever ever ever been so nervous and shocked in my life. 
Here’s the story.  Like most Saturday mornings (there’s been 3 thus far) we spend our mornings sitting on our balcony drinking coffee, laughing about nonsense and Matt taking random pictures of me.  This Saturday was different. We both walked out onto the balcony to begin drinking our coffee, as a gentleman he let me go first.  I sat down and of course was gib gabbing about something. He kept standing up and he pulled out a jewelry box. Naturally I was confused and kept asking him what he was doing. Me nervously laughing and saying OMG 100 times, Matt got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  Well…I hugged him first and then he asked.  It was the happiest moment of my life. So that’s the story…then we lived happily ever after with lots of designer shoes and handbags. THE END. 
Kidding aside, we called everyone we loved and told them the good news.  Drank lots of champagne, ate Mexican food and cupcakes for dessert and had a relaxing Saturday evening. It was wonderful. 
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