diy dress to skirt


This project was inspired by one of my favorite dresses.  I haven’t been worn this dress in several years, but I kept it…just in case it came back in style! The best thing about keeping your old clothes that you LOVE is that you can always transform it into a beautiful new piece for your collection.
– scissors
– elastic 2/4 inch
– pins
– measuring tape
– safety pin


Step 1: measure your waist and measure the width of elastic
Step 2: turn skirt inside out & make markings about 1 inch above original waistline
Step 3: make markings along waistline and draw a line to connect dots
Step 4: cut along line
Step 5: fold over the top of the waistline to the bottom with wrong sides together, pin in place
Step 6: sew 3/4 along waistline, leaving opening for elastic
Step 7: pin safety pin at end of elastic
Step 8: feed elastic through top of skirt
Step 9: sew close opening of skirt
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  1. nice pics 🙂

    Coline ♡

    Posted 5.7.13 · Reply
  2. I have a coral briedsmaid dress that I havent worn, that now you have inspired me to try and change into a skirt. Loved your blog and your posts..
    Visit me @

    Posted 8.26.13 · Reply
    • olivia wrote:

      That is such a great idea!!! I should tell my friend, she has 20 dresses. Elastic is a wonderful tool for DIY.

      Posted 8.26.13 · Reply

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