Shopping with a Vengeance

This weekend I went home to visit my family in Kansas City.  When I’m home I think I do more shopping per minute than another time I travel.  I always know where to get good buys and I also consult my mom and sister-in-law for second opinions.  So that always pushes me over the edge.

On this trip home, I felt like I got some great pieces for the fall.  I’ve learned a value lesson shopping when I’m home…always pack your suitcase half full.  There has been plenty of times I have to pack one of my mom’s extra suitcases to make it back to SF. 

1. Michael Kors Leather Jacket – TJ Maxx – $160
2. DKNY tortoise sunglasses – Macy’s – $65 (with coupon)
3. Zara boots – eBay – $70 (with shipping)
4. Nine West Desired Leather Heels- eBay – $54 (free shipping)
5. Gap Pink Pencil Skirt – Gap – $36 (with coupon)
6. Topshop Peplum Top – Norstrom – $39
7. Bar III Dress – Macy’s – $62 (with coupon)
8.  Nine West Desired Suede Heels – eBay – $54 (free shipping)

Michael Kors Leather Jacket

DKNY tortoise sunglasses

Zara Boots

Nine West Desired Leather Heels

Gap Pink Pencil Skirt

Norstrom Topshop Peplum Top

Bar III Dress, Sleeveless Scoop-Neck Printed Ruffle Mini

Nine West Desired Suede Heels


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